Tango in Glasgow


Glasgow has a lively and friendly Argentine Tango scene with a wide range of events organised across the city.  From a tentative start in the late ’90’s,  there has been a steadily growing number of people making the most of  burgeoning tango events in the city.   Classes, Milongas and Practicas as well as Balls, Weekend Workshops and Festivals are all regular features of the tango calendar in and around Glasgow.

Over the years many guest professional dancers and musicians have shared their enjoyment, skills and insights with the local enthusiasts.  There are now a number of local teachers whose classes feed a scene that is characterised by its openess and friendliness.  Both beginners and experienced dancers make the most of the regular opportunities to dance socially and express themselves together in a tango embrace.

The website itself aims to be impartial and listings are by day, time, frequency and alphabetical, in that order (although the Links page has a bit of geographical proximity and general theme added in the mix.)  The site occassionally hosts pages for events that have no other web presence.  Of course we are only as good as the information we get, so please consult and confirm details of events via the links offered, especially in non-term times.

Organising a tango class or event?

Are you planning to run a tango class or event in or around Glasgow?  There are a few resources here to help.

  • RATS Glasgow Yahoo Group (Running Argentine Tango Stuff Glasgow)    This is a local Yahoo Group for tango organisers in Glasgow.  It’s used for checking-in with other organisers, to help with scheduling and avoiding potential clashes.  The group is also there to offer encouragement and advice as well as opportunities for collaboration.  To join send a blank email here ratsglasgow-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.  Look out for the confirmation email in your inbox. 
  • Tango in Glasgow Yahoo Group  This the main mailing list for tango announcements in and around Glasgow.  With over 500 subscribers   these announcements reach a large number of dancers by email but will also appear on the News Feed on this site’s Homepage.  If you do want to join first send a blank mail here:  tangoglasgow-subscribe@yahoogroups.com, looking out for the confirmation email in your inbox.  Then contact the moderators  (tangoglasgow-owner@yahoogroups.com)  and they can set up your posting privileges.

Any initial queries or problems in joining either of these groups try contacting Stuart.